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Legend of Tribute Teas

Legend of the origin of Tribute Teas (Collectible) in the World

The legend of the Tribute Teas tells of a dragon (sea creature) lived inside a water well near a temple, a man came to the well to beg him to release his people (in China) from hunger... it is said that the dragon managed to open the sky and make tea grains fall from the sky and rain on fertile soil where one of the significant Tribute teas is harvested, (gift for emperors). 

The legend of the origin of an oolong tea named Tie Guan Yin, tells of a man who dreamed of a cave. A cave in which a Buddhist deity of mercy with the name of Tie Guan Yin was in, surrounded by sprouting seeds. When this man woke up, he found in the distance the cave he had seen in his dreams, and when he came close to it, he discovered the oolong seeds.